"Next Move" Project respond to needs of two target groups - young adults entering the job market, and trainers, youth coaches and HR workers.

The project’s main objective is to increase professional potential of trainers and HR workers through innovative development program, which allows the youth between the ages of 18 and 26 to gain practical knowledge and soft skills necessary for taking up and keeping first job within the local or international market. 


Fundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
The partnership was established by experienced organizations from Poland, Spain and Greece that previously cooperated on other initiatives. The leaders of these organizations are people who have been involved in social and business activities corresponding to the topics discussed in the project for many years.

Our Leaders

Bartosz Płazak
Bartosz PłazakFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
Ioannis Akritidis
Ioannis AkritidisSharp Minds
Adam Chrzanowski
Adam ChrzanowskiFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
Ifigeneia-Petroula Akritidi
Ifigeneia-Petroula AkritidiSharp Minds
Beata Wawrzyniak-Chrzanowska
Beata Wawrzyniak-ChrzanowskaFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
Roger Esteller-Curto
Roger Esteller-CurtoCIDET