E-handbook for youth coaches and HR workers
‘Next move’ - comprehensive educational programme of personal development and social activity of the youth entering the job market includes E-handbook for Trainers, youth coaches and HR workers (1st target group), which is a compendium of practical knowledge. It would consist of 2 units.

Unit A: motivation, recruitment, case study - coaching tips. It would be a so-called ‘must-have’ compendium of infographs for trainer and HR specialist to use in their work with young employees - coaching tips. Additionally, this unit would include guidance such as:
  • How to maintain motivation in young employees to acquire new skills?
  • “Employee experience” - which impact young employee’s experience of the recruitment process, how to address young person’s well-being and their relationship with their employer throughout their span in given workplace.
  • Case study - 3 examples of good employee-employer cooperation.
The scope of guidance units is aroung 50 A4 pages. The Greek partner, Sharp Minds, is responsible for the unit A.

Unit B. 30 original lesson scenarios: innovative methods and tools used in non-formal education in self-development of adolescents, based on best practice and new undertakings. Foundation ‘Rozwin Skrzydla’, project coordinator, is responsible for unit B.

Scenarios would include five development areas, i.e.
  • building responsibility for assigned tasks,
  • teamwork
  • receiving information and providing feedback,
  • how to speak your mind to be understood,
  • proactivity - take matters in your own hands.
Trainers would design 6 comprehensive, detailed scenarios for each of these scenarios. Topics for each area were presented by the coordinator and Greek partner Sharp Minds during the project preparation stage. Identification of the needs, scope of themes and selection of material were discussed in the partnership during on-line working meetings. It was a legitimate approach since the entire partnership selected the most appropriate aspects for materials compiled, and planned KPI of the project, adequate to expectations and needs of project target groups.

Scenario would include:
  • guidelines describing the workshop group;
  • materials necessary for teaching a class;
  • trainer instructions;
  • step-by-step class outline.