‘Your move’ - mobile app to develop soft skills of the youth necessary to take up first job
Materials for individual training, provided in ‘Your move’ mobile app, will further cover the topics discussed during the workshops run by trainers based on e-handbook. Handbook will include e-flashcards to convey key information in accessible form. At the same time, materials are especially practical, since after becoming familiarised with new information, the user will receive a series of coaching advice and learn how to apply new skills in practice.

The app will constitute a 30-day user transformation program, supporting their new workplace adaptation. This way, the materials provided in the app directly support youth entering the job market in taking first independent steps, as well as support the youth after completion of trainer workshops. Your move mobile app will be made ready for download from Google Apps and Apple Store. That way it can be available for both iOS and Android users.

A young participant, a student, a worker (2nd target group - programme recipients - youth with low soft competence and social skills, non-studying, of ages of 18-26) of the Next move programme can use the app through their smartphones. Based on trainer’s observations after the ‘motivation’ competence test at the end of workshops, each participant would receive a recommendation to review the material from 3 out of 5 available topics. Similarly, an HR specialist can use the tool to work with newly hired youth in their workplace. That way each participant would develop the areas of competences they are the least proficient in. 

The mobile app would be widely available and would not require creating a profile, so that every person can use it freely. After the trainer, HR specialist chooses the areas for development, the app will guide the user through selected knowledge units. Over the following 30 days the app will remind the user of the next part of material available.  Each of the topics will be divided into 10 lessons including e-flashcards for quick learning. Simple form and short topics would allow for more effective independent learning with the help of the app.

Completing one lesson would take up to 10 minutes. This means completing all the tasks assigned by the trainer or HR specialist would take up to 300 minutes (10minx30days). Each day the user will receive a push notification from the app to remind them of next topic. The app will also register progress so that the user can begin the lesson from where they previously stopped their learning. Each of the five topics available would be divided into 10 lessons (one a day). It would include a portion of new knowledge, practical instructions on how to use it and quiz questions to consolidate it.

Upon launching the app, the user would enter a topic and then a given lesson. Then, short slides / e-flashcards would appear with an introductory bit of new knowledge (possibly with illustrations or outside links). Next day, the user would receive a notification to encourage them to begin another lesson, up until all the topics of 3 key development areas are worked through. The app will connect to web service, downloading most recent material. It would allow for further development of app materials without the need for software updates.  List of lessons and topics would be available for updates and development, even after the project is completed. 

App areas are:
  • You can rely on me! - how not to disappoint your employer and co-workers.  The topic discussing the employer’s expectations when it comes to employee, and how to conduct to meet them. Users also get to know the techniques through which they can alert of problems with timeliness or task completion. The material would make young workers aware of the benefits that come with responsible behaviour.
  • Effective teamwork rules The topic discussing the aspects of teamwork - from communication methods, through task assignment, up to result review.
  • How to deal with criticism. Exceptionally important topic, supporting self-worth and motivation of young employees. The topic would discuss the themes of negative feedback and critical performance review.  Advice included would teach the users how to cope with criticism.
  • Good communication The topic showing how to write and speak to be understood, and avoid confusion that could cause a conflict.