Empowerment of Job-Seekers

The modern job market is very different from that of the last 20 years as it has high demands from job applicants. It is also clear that modern young people, especially in the countries of the European Union, are a valuable asset to the societies concerned, being people with great skills and formal qualifications, nurtured in the modern generation of the global, rapid scientific and technological development of the 21st century. At the same time, let us not forget that global economics is emerging timidly from a very difficult decade of state collapse and in the meantime the crisis of the CoVid-19 pandemic goes hand in hand with the continuation of the job market crisis.

At this point we think we ought to pose a series of burning questions that are entirely related to young people's attempt to position themselves in the fierce competition in the job market: is the mere pursuit of expertise and qualifications enough for a happy career ending? After all, does it take much more than that for a young person to increase their chances of getting the job? What will help the young person to constantly stand out by giving them the desired competitive advantage?

The answer is one.... It is not enough to gather only knowledge and skills. It is necessary but not enough for a world full of multitalented young people with high professional qualifications! What will definitely give young people a competitive edge is the way they finally manage to present themselves for a job position. It is like having a very good product, among many others equal to your own, but you manage to sell it to the customer, because you have the skill to present it in such a way that you give the impression that it is absolutely necessary to the buyer. Thus, the young person who manages to "sell" themselves (the excellent product) to their employer (the buyer), using an apt and smart presentation, is the one who wins the race for a worthy position by a large margin. The first and most important step for claiming a job is the creation of a complete professional profile as well as its effective launch. This is why we choose in this article, to give a series of tips and key elements to the new job applicants, for the smart self-management of their image as well as for the formation of a substantial employee profile.

Useful tips for job applicants

• Protect your privacy: Be careful not to provide more information than necessary. Use the Privacy Policy to your advantage.
• Beware of your Social Media posts: Immediately remove photos, videos or posts that damage your image. Social Media provide tools that ensure you are protected from unwanted posts or tags, saving you from unpleasant surprises.
• Stay away from unwanted "friends" on Social Media: We insist on increasing the control of the personal pages you maintain on Social Media because they can be negative elements for your image. Avoid or remove online "friends" that can create the wrong image for you.
• Sort out your online profile: remove pages you have not interacted with for a long time or pages that do not represent your current profile. This gives the impression of a neat web image.
• Do not forget! Be prepared for a check on any networking platform where you maintain a personal profile by the Human Resources Manager.

Improve your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a contemporary and very common tool for the presentation of a complete professional profile, in the form of “extended” Curriculum Vitae. So, the presentation of your profile on the specific platform plays a key role. Here are some tips to help you get it right!

Tips on how to improve your LinkedIn account

• Use a clear profile picture: A colour picture, where the smile of success dominates, gives a pleasant feeling and helps the Employer to remember you more easily in your next meeting.
• Write your full details in a clear and simple way: Any title or element that makes it difficult to memorize your name is best to be avoided.
• Highlight your professional aspirations, prospects and achievements: Through your posts on the LinkedIn Timeline, make sure you promote yourself properly by giving a typical sample of your personal writing style. Use the appropriate media to prove anything you are proud of.
• Job references: Make sure you have relevant references from people you have worked with successfully in the past. They always act as an effective means in your effort to promote yourself as the most suitable for the job.

These are some of the selected tips that we wanted to give to young people-job seekers, in the hope that we contribute to their own effort for recognition in the professional field. After all, it is our duty to provide support at all possible levels and appropriate counselling to our young people, being fighters in the modern job arena.

Good luck!!