For 6 years, the Foundation has been supporting the development of adults in several ways - in its activity approaches a man in a holistic manner. The Foundation has a reach portfolio consisting of: workshops, trainings, presentations, meetings with interesting people, longer training projects, events which connects learning and culture, outdoor development meetings, events implemented in partnership with educational institutions, culture and local governments. The Foundation directs attention where it is less often directed by others. It focuses on deepening contact with oneself and with the world. Trainers reach for old traditions and the latest scientific achievements. The team is a group of trainers, so a special place in the Foundation's activity is devoted to extending competences useful in this profession.

The Foundation has been running the Holistic School of Coaches for many years, thus educating many competent trainers and coaches to work with adults in terms of interpersonal, professional and personal development. The project aims at people who want to broaden their professional and personal perspective in many dimensions and are ready to go beyond the classic coaching training template.

The Foundation's most important goal is to create opportunities for development through the implementation of the following:
  • professional skills development workshops,
  • personal development workshops,
  • social skills workshops and trainings,
  • conferences and symposia in the field of development,
  • actions aimed at supporting the people who participate in them in order to pursue their goals, supporting innovative development activities.
Methodologists and certified trainers cooperating with the Foundation have pedagogical and psychological experience in working with young people and people aged 50+. Experience is built on work for everyone education levels, constantly improving your professional qualifications and skills. The Foundation's project is addressed to people who want to broaden their professional perspective and personal in many dimensions, e.g .:
  • personal development,
  • working with a group,
  • life coaching,
  • eco coaching.

In the Erasmus + programs, the Foundation was a supporting institution and technical partner. Scope of projects:
  • promoting innovative solutions in social and vocational education of adults, with particular emphasis on older people;
  • activities that lead to closer cooperation and networking between organizations;
  • testing or implementing innovative practices in the field of adult education,
  • measures to better prepare and implement employees in the field of education and training who are able to meet the challenges in the learning environment related to equality, diversity and social inclusion.
Foundation volunteers developed, among others, a modern e-learning platform for learning English, scenarios for simulation games and e-learning exercises for learning speed reading. In addition, as part of the project "From childhood curiosity for cognitive maturity ”implemented by the Center for Education Development at the Ministry of Education, volunteers developed a series of educational games. The foundation has been running for many years The Holistic Trainers' School, thus educating many competent trainers and coaches to work with adults in terms of interpersonal, professional and developmental aspects.

A high degree of professionalism and a wide intellectual and expert base as well building lasting and positive relationships with stakeholders is the foundation of the Foundation's activities. It is important for the Foundation to act in a fair, equitable and honest manner due. First of all, compliance with ethical standards, avoidance of inappropriate behavior, disclosure of unfair practices. The Foundation cooperates with a creative team of significant scientific achievements and extensive practical experience. Its clients are institutions operating in various industries and spheres of public life: enterprises, public and private education as well as non-governmental organizations. Although the Foundation has been officially operating since 2014, it has had regular cooperation with several institutions.

The Centre for the Innovation and Development of Education and Technology is a training and consultancy company focused on adult learning and technology-enhanced education. CIDET is set in the city of Castellón (Spain) but works in cooperation with partners throughout the whole country and abroad.

Our main area of expertise is the use of technology from three different perspectives.

  • The technology as a subject and teaching content not only for adult learners, but also for trainers and staff. We focus on learning virtual environments and virtual learning networks (eLearning). We also offer KA1 training activities.
  • The technology as a tool and methodology: learning other subjects and aptitudes (as languages, health, culture, tolerance, entrepreneurship...) in other contexts (in classrooms, self-learning, rural areas...), needs (people in risk of exclusion, disabled, immigrants, etc.) and models (non-formal, informal, collaborative, serious games, etc.)
  • Allowing the permeability with interdisciplinary formal pathways, acquisition of personal, social and formal skills and qualifications, but also non-formal and informal competences. We focus in a lifelong learning context where the technology potentiates other learning activities and reach digital inclusion in the present society.

Educational Organization (E.O.) Sharp Minds, is a Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organization located in the heart of Athens Greece. It is an Organization with a remarkable European activity during its long course in the field of the Erasmus+ programs and its previous forms (Youth in Action, LdV, Comenius etc). Indicatively, we would like to refer to the fact, that our Organization counts two Awarded Programs, officially registered as Best European Practices (2016-2-EL02-KA105-002461 “Lost myself on Internet” and 2018-2-EL02-KA105-004139 "Dropping Out School for Work? Out of the Question!").

E.O. Sharp Minds has in its class experienced Trainers, Youth Workers and Volunteers who are the heart and soul of the Organization. Our Human-centered orientation, mostly sets the direction and the aims of E.O. Sharp Minds’ activities. Our modern world has given birth in new needs that demand new social skills and competences. Through education and active participation, we are trying to develop responsible and socially educated youngsters in order to become responsible and active citizens of tomorrow. At the same time, we are raising awareness – referring to everyone – about Human Rights and social values because in our times, we strongly believe that social and Human Rights education are necessary and relevant, more than any other time before.

During the years, E.O. Sharp Minds has managed to establish sustainable and reliable cooperation, either in domestic level (Public and Private Schools, Vocational Training Institutes, Universities, Public Services and Ministries, NGOs’, Private Companies and Enterprises etc) either in European level by constructing multi-level Strategic Partnerships.

E.O. Sharp Minds cooperates with different kind of specialists, professionals and scientists – the most of them are also members and steady partners of our NGO – who offer their knowledge and skills during our programs around Greece. Finally, is worthwhile mentioning that E.O. Sharp Minds also works as a Hosting Organization in Erasmus+/VET programs and Internships, in many professional sectors, by offering high quality services, education, seminars, vocational training and practice in real working areas, under the distinctive monitoring and guidance of highly expertise, mentors and trainers.